Mother’s Day Gift Box

Mother’s Day Gift Box

Each box includes one Signature Scent Cotton Apple Candle, one large pair of earrings, one medium pair of earrings, two pairs of studs, and one Lip Gloss. Box comes ready to gift with cute filler paper and pink flower.

You may indicate which style/shape of earring you would like for the large and medium pairs. Please leave a note telling me which pairs you would like in that style based on what I have in stock.

Large Earrings: The Evelyn, The Ember, The Eloise, The Charlotte, The Mary, The Maximus, The Lucy, The Nina, The Oahu, The Madison, The Mesa, The Willa Kate, The Dixie, The Pippa, The Candi, The Bonnie, The Retta, The Taylor, The MJ, The Caroline, The Jenna, The Ashlee, or The Leslie.

Medium Earrings: The Bobbie, The Anna, 3/4 inch Round Studs, Dagger Studs, Leaf Imprint Dangles, The Mary Kim, The Lauren, The Lexi, or The Elena.

I will do my best to accommodate the request as close as possible. If there are any issues with availability of items in your request, I will contact you via email to make sure we get what you want!